About The M0M Center

The M0M Center is a globally respected safe place for hope and for healing.  We are the headquarters to stillbirthday, an international resource providing birth and bereavement support to families, and those who provide their care, because a pregnancy loss is still a birthday.

The M0M Center is, in essence, stillbirthday central.  Because of the funding received through Stillbirthday University, including our globally respected doula certification program, we are able to maintain the M0M Center and all of its many ministries and services.

The M0M Center is a community center for hope and healing, serving girls, women and mothers of all stories and experiences.  Our desire is to bring love into the places that might be the harder parts of our stories.

Maidenhood: we teach young girls about God’s design for our bodies through the transition of puberty.

Maternity: we offer birth preparation classes for couples, as well as doula support during labor, birth and postpartum.  We also offer free ovulation and pregnancy testing.

Matriarchs: we offer a safe community center for sharing and learning about the menopause transition.

Mourning: We have a special emphasis to serve families who have faced or who are facing pregnancy and infant loss.  We provide in-person support in labor, the birth and the welcoming of babies born in any trimester, and, in any outcome.



We are always looking for volunteers to help recreate gifted bridal gowns into infant burial gowns.  At the M0M Center, we also provide day trainings appropriate for healthcare roles, allied professionals and those who are simply interested, in how to best support individuals and families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.  You are welcome to share your ideas on how best to utilize the M0M Center to meet the needs of our community.

M0M is an acrostic that holds the stillbirthday zero within it, because we believe that Mothering Our Mourning begins where we can’t see life coming from it, can’t see through the darkness.  We believe, that healing begins in the center; that it is from the center,

we give birth to healing.


You can reach the founder at Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com or on facebook.

The M0M Center | www.healingbirthcenter.com