Our doulas offer private, prenatal classes at The M0M Center for families, as well as uninterrupted support throughout labor, birth and the Welcoming.


Prenatally, we listen to parents goals, fears, and concerns about the upcoming birth.  We confirm to the dad that the doula strengthens his role, presence, involvement and experience.  We offer education, insight and techniques for anticipating and best preparing for the upcoming birth.


During labor, we meet the family in the chosen birth space.  We serve as a walking encyclopedia of medical terms and information, so that as the medical team offer suggestions, we quickly translate the suggestion into familiar explanation and terms.  In addition to translating, we are able to creatively present possible alternatives or supplemented ideas – this ability has statistically been proven to reduce medical intervention to only those that are medically necessary given the course of the birth.

During birth, we offer a number of comfort techniques to the mother, skills that simultaneously lower the level of pain while increasing the productivity of the work of labor (thereby reducing the duration of the labor).

During the Welcoming, we guide the parents in bonding with their beloved baby, including skin-to-skin, companioning in the event of NICU assistance, offering support with the best (and less-than-best) ways of including loved ones, how to bathe the baby, how to navigate the postpartum experience, and lactation support.


The M0M Center
101 W. Washington Street
Kearney MO 64060


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