The M0M Center features a sweet little maternity and infant boutique of items we gift to the families we serve, but we do love to mention wonderful creatives who make specialty items that we find valuable.  Click here to learn more about where those designers are and where to shop from.

Jersey birthing gowns, womb wraps, infant headbands, NICU wraps, greeting cards, and of course our signature rainbow necklace, are just some of the items we have to select from.

Globally, we offer the {Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness ribbon car decal.}


For shoppers

Locally, we provide these things for free for the families we serve, and, we only offer the best!

For shoppers, what we like to do, is to provide one sample of the item on display at The M0M Center, and then visitors can choose to shop directly from the merchants.

  • Bg&Co brings us the only medically patented jersey birthing gown
  • Trojacek Farms brings us the only FDA approved cloth menstrual pad
  • Love U Sew Much designer cloth diapers
  • Babies Republic in Ireland provides designer newborn clothing for your professional photos
  • Designs by You KC provides our “still a big sis” tee shirt
  • if you are a designer or have a product, scroll to the bottom of this page!

In addition, our Love Cupboard is a boutique of very like new maternity and infant items that you can trade for volunteer hours, barter, slide scale or otherwise name your price for.  These items are gifted from the public.

One way to endorse us is through our logo shop, which allows you to choose household items, clothing and other merchandise that bears our logos on them.


Opportunities for Creatives

For  Trunk Shows / Vendors  / Boutique Space / Swap Shop Creators

For local designers who align with the spirit and mission of The M0M Center, you can exchange volunteer hours with space to feature your creations.  M0M Center Ambassadors are able to keep the doors open for visitors.  If you can provide tours and share all about what the center is doing, you can include time to discuss your passion, work, and any demos of your product or service.  Your chosen timeframes, items and other aspects of involvement are asked all to be consistent and dependable and work within the vision of The M0M Center.  You are responsible for maintaining your own legal business affairs and will be directly responsible for any merchandise orders placed; The M0M Center simply can provide you a free platform for sharing your items in exchange for your volunteer time.  While The M0M Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged merchandise, you can choose to leave an item or two for display/promotional purposes during hours you aren’t volunteering, or you can choose to simply keep all merchandise with you at all times, and pack and unpack them during your volunteer time.  This special kind of relationship can be revised, dissolved or postponed at any time without any prior notice by either party, particularly if it is determined that it simply isn’t an appropriate match.  Just connect with the founder of stillbirthday and The M0M Center, Heidi Faith on facebook or email to address any restrictions and make preparations.


For Presenters / Meeting Space Rental

For local educators, speakers, or group coordinators, The M0M Center wants to offer to you and your audience our lovely, healing environment.  Host an art session, group talk therapy, Bible group, prayer group or other intimate gathering.  The M0M Center will allot private {exclusive} sessions for you for a suggested $20/hour.  Email


Advertising with The M0M Center

If you have online merchandise, and/or you just don’t have the budget to open your own shop, consider allowing The M0M Center to support you in our Supporters page, where we will hold your graphic and information on our website for one full year, plus, give you lots of great shout-outs on our facebook page.


The Greatest Need: Gifted Items for Families

While we do have these above items for suggested offering purchase, this is not at all to be mistaken for our immeasurably invaluable collection of items that are gifted to the families we serve.  This includes infant gowns, hats and blankets of all gestational sizes, appropriate for bonding and burial, as well as infant jewelry, press molds, and more.  Please, if you have a skill in creating these items, through sewing, crocheting or jewelry making, visit our Needs page and connect with us!

We also love to receive items that have a $10 approximate value (or less!) if you’d like to give:

  • unopened preemie sized diapers to make NICU diaper cakes for families
  • a full head of cabbage to be prepared for mothers who want to expeditiously dry breastmilk
  • WalMart gift cards in any amount for our seamstress team to purchase extra items for our infant gowns (thread, ribbon, velcro, flannel, etc.)
  • SubWay gift cards in any amount to give to newly postpartum families to have a meal.

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