While the M0M Center is a community center serving mothers of all experiences and stories, we tend to hold the magnifying glass over the aspect of bereavement.  We serve families prior to, during and after birth in any trimester, and in any outcome.  We have a particular emphasis to serve families through the journey of pregnancy and infant loss.  Bereavement can touch our journey through so very many different ways: a loss of birth hopes or untoward outcomes through childbirth, a struggle to conceive, facing any kind of diagnosis (for ourselves, or for our children) can include fully functioning diagnoses that still may be challenging in many ways, and the transition into matriarchy and menopause, a cessation of fertility even by choice, all can be ways in which bereavement can touch our story.

You are invited to visit the M0M Center to see the many ways we bring love as we learn how to weave bereavement into our story in a healing way.

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