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toesMy Path Shines is a gorgeous and fun way for healing mothers and loved ones to connect globally, with the message “I Am Capable.”

Based from The M0M Center {stillbirthday headquarters in Kansas City}, we’re drawing from the legendary film “The Wizard of Oz” to offer an inspirational “golden brick road” that starts with a keepsake, real cement brick scaled down to a precious handheld size.

These bricks are wrapped in golden glitter, to symbolize the sometimes very small, but beautiful treasures we do uncover along our sometimes frightening, dark, wayward, confusing journey.  These gems of hope sustain us and offer us sometimes just enough light, just enough strength to continue to step forward.

“You are capable of more than you know.”  ~Glinda, Wizard of Oz










~What You Can Do~

When you receive your golden brick, consider the small treasures you have discovered along your journey.  Maybe it was a friend who listened, or a song you heard, or some other goodness that you experienced.

Take a photo of your golden brick and post them to our facebook page to our instagram account at #stillbirthday!

We’ll keep a gallery of golden bricks as we continue our global journey to Love Wildly and we’ll also share them at our HomeComing, a friendly gathering of the stillbirthday community, held in Kansas City and The M0M Center!

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