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We are currently and temporarily in transition as we prepare to purchase our very own home for healing!  Please stay tuned for updates!

Our current shipping address is:
The M0M Center / stillbirthday headquarters
PO 101
Kearney MO 64060

And as always you can reach the founder at:
Heidi Faith





Open Hours

Tour Tuesdays | 10am

Women in the Word | Wednesdays, 10am

Events | Visit our calendar page for details. 

Visit our Social Groups page to make an immediate connection.
Additionally, we open the doors at virtually any time, by your contacting us to visit.

During open hours, you can stop in to visit, tour, enjoy quiet time or plan an event.  If a volunteer ambassador is working, some services will be limited but many are still available.  You can click our Open Hours category to learn more.

Click here for local resources such as related area service providers in maternity, perinatal or related fields.


Local Area

The location for our M0M Center was chosen carefully.  Kearney is situated with a new hospital to our north in Cameron, holding a small number of birthing suites.  To our west is St. Joseph and to our east is Excelsior Springs.  We serve this entire northern rural outskirt of Kansas City, as well as throughout the city, on both sides of the Missouri and Kansas state line.

Areas of reference are the Northland, Zona Rosa, Kansas City International airport (see the end of this page), and Liberty.  From Kansas City Missouri, on highway I-35, you’ll pass Liberty hospital on your right, on your way into Kearney.


If our doors aren’t open, just call, text or email, and we’ll meet you there!

Around Town

Kearney Missouri is about 25 miles north of Kansas City proper.  While quaint and faithful to its heritage, Kearney continues to be observed as one of the fastest growing cities in Missouri.



At the I-35 | State Route 92 {ramp 26}, which is the Kearney exit, you’ll find plenty of fast food restaurant chains, from Taco Bell, Arby’s, SubWay all on the west side, and McDonald’s to the east of the overpass and Pizza Hut a bit further down.

There’s a Sunfresh supercenter grocery at this I-35 exit as well.

Local restaurants make the dining experience lovely.  In the old downtown area, walking distance to the M0M Center is  Gino’s Italian is on E. Washington street, along with Fat Boyz grill and bar.  Back at that I-35 | State Route 92 exit, along with those fast food restaurant chains, you can find Stables grill and bar, as well as JJ’s Family Homestead, a homestyle family restaurant.



Whether you are local to Kansas City, you are traveling in from out of town, or you are utilizing the prenatal housing of Kansas City’s own Alexandra’s House, we have comfortable lodging right here in Kearney that can provide a reprieve on your journey.

  • Quality Inn, Kearney MO recommended – if you’re heading north into Kearney, you’ll turn left at the underpass and find the hotel on the left. This hotel isn’t walking distance to The M0M Center, but it is directly located off of the highway, and is walking distance to several fast food restaurants, A Touch of Health massage & chiropractic care, and more.  It is less than 5 minutes driving distance to The M0M Center.
  • Super 8, Kearney MO – walking distance!  From the 1-35 exit, simply turn left on S. Platte Clay Way (Sonic Restaurant), and it will be on the left.
  • Comfort Inn, Kearney MO – walking distance to The M0M Center, and you can arrive directly off of the highway I-35 by taking State Route 92 East, turning left at the Sonic, and turning right onto Washington street (the post office).
  • Sleep Inn & Suites – this hotel is about 12 minutes away from The M0M Center, just off of I-35 at the MO 291 exit (exit 17).  Sleep Inn & Suites is kid friendly and has an indoor water park!
  • Hyatt


Other Shoppes & Services

The old downtown area of Kearney provides a lovely place to stroll, daydream and window shop.

  • Bea’s flower shop is to our north and provides us with all of our floral arrangements for blessingways and other occasions.
  • To the south of the M0M Center {behind us} is Lion’s Park, a sweet park for toddlers with a creek and publicly accessible restrooms.
  • Sharin’ Sweets is on the main corner of State Route 92 and Jefferson/Route 33.
  • Opal Iris is my favorite shop on the block, and there is Trash n Treasure and Rags to Riches to peruse as well.
  • For elder kiddos and for bigger events, Kearney has an awesome public park adjacent to an outdoor arena, lake and amphitheater, all at Jesse James park.  Just follow Jefferson/Route 33 north past Washington and nearly into Holt.  You’ll see the park in all it’s awesomeness on the right hand side.



We want you to enjoy your visit to The M0M Center, and we know that the experience will transform and bless you.  Planning your first visit to this community center for healing is best with a few things to know.


In the Center

  • If the doors aren’t open when you’re there, simply email or use the form here on the site.  I’ll have a 10 minute response time.
  • We have a fun room for kiddos to play, but we are not responsible for childcare.  If you feel most comfortable bringing a friend to help keep a watch on your kiddos, that’s brilliant.
  • While you and I may be chatting about how painful it is to be a mother without one or more living children, there may be living children present at the center.  If you are looking for a private, individualized session, you might consider our M0M Coaching.
  • You can bring your own snacks to events, but please be mindful of cleanliness, and of any allergies of others {this can include but is certainly not limited to peanut or dairy products}.
  • Take a look at our general calendar, and if you don’t see something you want, use our contact form to let us know what you’re looking for.




  • Anything shared within the M0M Center is considered fully confidential.  Speculation, gossip, slander, and discrimination is not permitted at the center at any time.
  • The M0M Center is not liable to any damage incurred, tangible or otherwise, through the use of the facility or the referral of any services, professionals or products at any time.
  • We promote a public praise, private counsel structure.
  • The M0M Center is a home for healing.  As such, we have family rules in the center.
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30 Minutes From Kansas City International Airport

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