Volunteer M0M Ambassador Team

Volunteer Ambassador team hours:
10am – noon on our open days

When the center is open during volunteer Ambassador team hours, you will help with the following:

  • have the prayer room open and opportunity to join in prayer
  • guidance for free literature and other resources
  • tours of the center
  • use of media including DVDs and/or music
  • free access to resources including free pregnancy testing and free ovulation testing
  • sign in sheet of interests accessible for visitors to complete
  • bring a book or something to keep yourself occupied in times of no visitors

Volunteer Ambassador team members will NOT be responsible for retail/boutique merchandise sales.   There is no cash on hand at the M0M Center.  Timeframes for volunteering are for a maximum of 2 hours per week.


To become a volunteer M0M Center Ambassador team member, please join our private group or complete the contact form and Heidi Faith will visit with you regarding this decision.



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