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The M0M Center team members have real obligations at home as well.  The M0M Center is looking for trusted individuals who can responsibly and lovingly care for our children while we are serving our community.

We are looking to build onto our list of at-home child care and baby sitters, whom we can rely on to care for our children, while we care for our community.

We need sitters who can reliably be available at any hours, who have steady transportation, and who maintain confidentiality.  Child care confidentiality includes refraining from public mention that you are one of our child care providers, as well as refraining from utilizing social media to post photos of our children or personal- or location- identifying photos or statuses while our children are in your care.

We are sharing this need because serving in this way, serving as a child care provider we can rely on, truly is giving to the center and is a substantial help to our community.

We who will utilize the services of child care providers will independently interview you to determine the best match for our family’s needs, and, we also will pay you for your services.

Please use our contact page if you are a local babysitter or if you know of one you recommend.



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To clarify, The M0M Center does not offer child care as part of our services to the community.  We have a lovely room for children to play, watch movies, read books or craft artwork, but utilizing this room is at the responsibility of the parents who allow their children to use the room during their visit to the M0M Center.


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