Love Steps Forward

As a kind of  “foot the tab” program, The M0M Center offers “L0VE Steps Forward.”

Midwestern professional doulas can reasonably and fairly charge a low average of $500 per birth doula client.  This provides a contractual responsibility of uninterrupted physical support (comfort measures, suggestions for labor positions) and emotional support (gentle explanations, clear guidance, honest validation) throughout active labor to the immediate postpartum.

Nationally, however, the average investment of a birth doula is quite higher.  This investment is toward the doula’s tailored skill set, commitment to learning and her investment into certification, time away from family, supplies, travel/vehicle, scheduling and time commitment, and unique responsibilities that include mental alertness, emotional calm, physical agility, professional-level preparedness, and enduring stamina throughout any labor, birth and postpartum journey.

Our doulas offer unsurpassed labor support in birth in any trimester, and in any outcome.  Because the financial burden is sudden and great when facing pregnancy and infant loss, our doulas desire to lift that burden as reasonably as possible, providing when appropriate pro-bono support of families who are facing untoward outcomes, leaning instead into the Love Steps Forward program, allowing the moms we serve the comfort of knowing that their payment has already been filled, freeing them therefore to pay it forward for the next family we serve.

If you’d like to sponsor doula support for our area mothers, you can consider being part of the healing community in a very tangible way.

You can even make a gift in as little as $5 amounts:


Your purchase of any amount in $5 increments becomes translated into $5/Love Stamps that are redeemable for area moms to peel off of the wall at the M0M Center, to redeem for our doula services.  We tape your L0VE Steps Forward paper upon the Legacy wall, for a M0M to select – and redeem – if she needs, or we apply to a situation where it is needed, and your investment is needed, greatly.

You can even add a handwritten or typed note to your gift, at checkout or by emailing  After your gift of any increment above, print this download {lovestepsforward}, write your note of L0VE, and either scan it into your computer to email, or mail it into The M0M Center, to be placed on our Legacy wall.


If you are purchasing on behalf of a mom in particular, or for one of our doulas in particular, please note that at check out or even better, visit the doula’s site directly, so that it can be allocated appropriately and expeditiously.

The Love Steps Forward program is a stillbirthday-wide recognized logo intended for the purpose of inviting a pay-it-forward relationship within our reach of community to ensure that all products and services are available to present to the families we serve.

Still not sure what Love Stamps do? Watch this video for a great explanation by this, so-simple-it’s-innovative way of reaching others how they need it:



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