Missouri High Maternity Mortality: Here’s Why

Maternity related mortality: Missouri is ranked among the highest in the developed world.

The Kansas City Star just released this statement:

“The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of all developed nations and Missouri has one of the highest rates in the nation.”

“It’s not acceptable,” said OBGYN Randall Williams, Gov. Eric Grietens appointed director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Williams expects the development of a Missouri maternity mortality related task force.


According to the article:

“The leading causes of maternal death in Missouri are all cardiac-related, with embolisms caused by blood clots topping the list. The state’s high rates of smoking and obesity during pregnancy put women at higher risk for those complications. They also make them more likely to have diabetes or high blood pressure, which Maulik said are the most common risk factors she deals with in her patients.”


Tips to Quit Smoking

  • Recognize that it’s an addiction.
  • Give yourself a timeline and a goal to quit.
  • Tell others.  Build a support system around yourself.
  • Try tricks to gross yourself out of smoking.
    • Some refer to the “smoke holding” method.
    • Some talk about a “stink jar” of soggy butts that you can smell.
  • Try aids.  Things like the patch or vaping are not considered safe, but are considered safer than smoking.
  • Forgive yourself and keep going.
  • When you live with someone who is choosing not to quit smoking, you are going to need even more support.  Counseling is a real option.



graph source 


Kansas City Star: Mortality Rate for Missouri Pregnant Women


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