Birth Markers

This is a FREE event for ALL mothers who have EVER experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

February 3, Saturday at 10am.

We’ll creatively explore the painful, messy place where we didn’t get to discover our beloved babies’ “birth marks” but instead were faced with decisions such as selecting remembrance/headstone markers as part of our parenting experience.

Our babies do leave marks. Their births leave marks. These are a map of where our hearts have been, and the path of their bittersweet legacies we carry forward.

Through a few simple instructions and an open time of quiet, prayer, retreat or gentle conversation, mothers who have been impacted by pregnancy and infant loss at any time, are invited to join us.

While we understand that many mothers who have endured pregnancy and infant loss also have living children, we ask for a time of quiet where you can fully engage in the healing time. There is a child’s play room if that is helpful for you to attend, and bringing your own childcare will be a tremendous help.

You can follow the facebook event for details.


After the event, please email your art piece to: and we will create a gallery here!


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