Financial Support

Thank you, for considering being part of the M0M Center through your gift of love!


We have many ways of honoring your financial contribution:

Designating gift cards for various needs is also a wonderful way to support the M0M Center:

  • $10 WalMart cards can be given to our seamstress and crochet teams for sewing supplies
  • $20 Fuel cards from Quick Trip can be given to our Postpartum Bereavement Doula


Here is a simple button just to give $10 to the M0M Center!


In addition to the above options, you might take a look at our tangible needs!



The M0M Center is run under the auspices of Christian Childbirth Services LLC. Coordinating products, services, events, and support are all arranged voluntarily and/or independent of the LLC.  As such, we are very much in need of ongoing financial support to maintain the ongoing expenses of keeping such a precious resource open and available to families.

If you’ll like to send a check, you can do that at any time.  Of course, we’ll love for you to visit the center as well!


The M0M Center
101 W. Washington Street
Kearney MO 64060


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