Legacy Swaddle

We receive bridal gowns any time you’ll like to gift one to us.  When you do, you can print our letter of gratitude to you.  The gown may be yours, from a previous marriage, or from a bargain at a thrift store or garage sale.

The bridal gowns are then recreated into infant burial gowns by our absolutely lovely volunteer seamstress team.  We call these our Legacy Swaddles.


If you are in need of an infant gown, the use of our Cuddle Cot, the presence and support of one of our birth & bereavement doulas, please know you can connect with us at any time, by calling 816.343.4615 or on facebook at The M0M Center.

In addition to our beautiful Legacy Swaddle gowns, we have Teeny Tear diapers, Miscarriage Blankets, and Bridget’s Cradles.

photo: Ashley, founder of Bridget’s Cradles, and Natalie Gudenkauf, their KC Regional Coordinator, at our summer 2016 local event, SBD HomeComing.




If you’ll like to join our seamstress team, or if you would like to join our crochet team, you can connect with Heidi Faith on facebook, join our online seamstress group.  We’ll absolutely love to connect.  Your love is needed.



If you would like to gift us with a bridal gown, we will graciously receive it.  Please consider this letter a gift to you in return: {When You Give Your Gown}.  You can call Heidi Faith at any time to arrange bringing your gift: 816.343.4615, bring it to any of our Chat Saturdays (10am-noon), or you can leave it at Pence’s next door to us for us to receive as soon as we can.

When giving your gown, we suggest cutting a strip for your own keeping.  Either we can do this or you can before giving.  The strip can be as long as you’d like and can be used for wrapping around a bridal bouquet of someone in your family.  This is a beautiful and meaningful way of carrying the tradition of passing a bridal gown down to children or grandchildren.

When You Give Your Gown is a special letter when you give your gown.  Please click the link to receive it.



Dana Foster SBD is the Leader of our Seamstress team and the founder of Angel Gowns by Dana.

Top photo given to us by the glorious Life’s Light Doula Care.




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