M0M Coaching

For many of the visitors here at The M0M Center, M0M Coaching is your first foot in the door.  Welcome, to your safe place.

While we do have birthing classes, lactation support, maidenhood education, a library of DVDs and books, and more (click here for our social groups), it is in the most quiet, the whisper, when the deepest wounds feel safest to be exposed, to finally, finally, find healing.

Coaching v. Counseling

Coaching focuses on wellness, rather than illness.

Coaching is not counseling.  There is a wonderful place, for either one, or for both.  With coaching, you are met at the premise that you are normal, and that your reaction is normal — that it is the event in your life you are faced with facing, that is not within the frame of normal.

The M0M Center is always open for you.  Call the founder, Heidi Faith, anytime, at 816.343.4615.  The M0M Center is an emotional and spiritual safe house, a respite, a quiet retreat from the chaos you may be facing.  Having a place you know you can go to, to simply unpack the burdens of your mind and heart, feel listened to, is richly healthy and rewarding.

The M0M Center practices HIPAA compliance, and will only disclose pertinent information to a relative (when underage) or a law enforcement professional if you or someone else are in a dangerous, unhealthy or unstable circumstance.  If you are in a situation like this, you will ultimately need to share with someone so that you can get safe.  The M0M Center can be that soft landing, to make that journey more comfortable for you.   We are not liable for any recommendations we may or may not make nor for the outcomes of any events or decisions you experience; rather, we do offer perspective, motivation and encouragement founded in biblical truth and unique to your situation, and openly provide you with networking resources publicly on our website.

Coaching, in this capacity, then, is to doula your heart. 

About M0M Coaching.  Give birth to healing.

When a women endures any kind of personal loss, but specifically, when a mother endures a loss in pregnancy, it is at that time she can enter into a deep chasm of darkness.  Grief becomes embedded within the walls of her heart.  The “grief pregnancy” announcement might initially be met with recognition, validation and support, but once that initial support wanes, the mother may find this grief pregnancy grows in ways she didn’t expect and doesn’t understand.

The grief pregnancy requires ongoing attention.  Mothering Our Mourning requires each mother learn to authentically and safely nourish her grief with both discipline and permission.  Learning the proper proportions for her greatest health requires awareness and a safe environment for self-evaluation.

With these tools, the bereaved mother is able to transform her journey, from being pregnant with grief through giving birth to healing.

Learning the unique journey to giving birth to healing means that ultimately, a mother learns how to identify her grief in a tangible way, and learn how to gather resources to build her optimal nest for the work of mothering her mourning and giving birth to healing.

Heidi Faith works one-on-one with bereaved mothers as a companion and guide on the journey.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Does a miscarriage or stillbirth actually count as a death?
  • Why am I being silenced or minimized?
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • Why can’t I just get over it?
  • Where is my help?

Perhaps you have not been impacted by pregnancy and infant loss, but have been impacted by trauma, abuse or loss.  You are worthy of healing, and of hope.  You can utilize the M0M Coaching relationship.

There is a new miscarriage every minute in the United States alone, and every 20 minutes an American mother gives birth to a baby who is stillborn.

Issues of unrecognized losses and disenfranchised grief specifically related to pregnancy and infant loss can create challenges to identity security, spiritual certainty, social constructs and strain within marriages, any of which may intensify any trauma related to the loss.

Each of these things begin to imprint a message that grief is abnormal, and that it is a deficit.  Something to be gotten over, to be ignored, to be placated and silenced.

Pregnancy and infant loss, though, and the grief and these additional challenges that can complicate it, are common.  Grief is a reaction centered in love.  It is a response to an experience that defies everything we know about pregnancy, life and faith.  In short, grief, when guided, can be a sign of your wellness, not illness.  While the foundation of M0M Coaching is for healing after pregnancy and infant loss, it can be adapted to most any losses you may have endured on your motherhood journey.

This is the foundation of M0M Coaching – that grief itself is not a deficit, but holds power, potential, love and life.   We focus on your wellness as you explore your healthiest path forward, in all areas of your journey.

M0M Coaching is like having a structured mentoring relationship.  It does not replace medical or professional help, can be utilized in conjunction to it and should be a segway for the client to consider referrals for such additional perspective and support.  Anyone who utilizes the unique experience of coaching in any capacity needs to be responsible for the pursuit of their wholistic health and continue to network to consider a larger breadth of perspective for their optimal health.  The M0M Center can also help you pursue such support through our open networking.

Let us walk together for a time.

To schedule your first, free, one hour M0M session with Heidi Faith, please use the confidential form, or, connect with Heidi Faith privately at any time to schedule our first meeting.

M0M.  It means, Mothering Our Mourning.  
Ultimately, we give birth to healing.


Initial Consult & Payment Information

Heidi Faith on facebook
or 816.343.4615
$50/60 minutes or $25/30 minutes

Timeframes are rounded, and paid at the beginning of each session.
Bartering is an option.  There are no refunds.

Consider beginning a once-a-week, one hour Coaching relationship, and save money by paying in advance.
You can book four consecutive sessions for $180.

You can make online payments using this link, which will direct you to the stillbirthday payment portal

About Heidi Faith

With a background in social work and counseling of abused and at-risk youth, I became pregnant with my first child and felt my calling shift to clinical perinatal psycho-spiritual therapy and birth support work.

As a Chaplain and certified Grief & Loss Coach, I completed my studies through the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and am a member of the American Academy of Christian Counselor’s (AACC) Grief, Crisis and Disaster division.M0M-4278

I hold certificates through Cascade Christian Childbirth Association in birth education and labor support.  As a double certified crisis pregnancy counselor in pre- and post- abortive counseling, I began the Newborn Adoption Doula Network, which provides birth support to families experiencing the transition of fostering or adoption. I work as a member of Christian Childbirth Services LLC and am a member of the International Christian Childbirth Coalition.   I have received additional training through Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care, and Hospice Foundation of America’s Hospice Clergy End-of-Life Education Project.

My long term goal is to open Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center.

I serve as a women’s mentor at my church, as a Maidens by His Design Instructor as well as a Director of Mentoring for Blessing God’s Way.

1h1I am an author, international speaker, and the founder of stillbirthday, a global resource for families enduring pregnancy and infant loss.

More than these things, I am a wife, and a mother of five children: four alive in the home and one alive in Heaven.

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