Milk Depot

From approximately seventeen gestation weeks onward, a mother can experience lactation after the birth of her beloved baby.  And for the mothers we serve, having the option to donate the breastmilk that would have nourished their beloved baby can be a validating, dignifying, healing option.  St. Luke’s has taken strides to ensure that this process is even more gentle and accessible than ever before for these brave mothers.

The M0M Center, in cooperation with St. Luke’s Health Systems and HMBANA, is pleased to strive toward becoming an official Milk Depot for mothers in the Northland choosing to donate breastmilk.

This will allow the process of milk donation to be smoother for the mothers we serve and for any mother across the northland or northern suburbs of Kansas City (Kearney, Excelsior Springs, Liberty) who desire to gift their breastmilk.


St. Luke’s Milk Bank website – Heart of America Milk Bank

St. Luke’s Milk Bank on facebook – KC Milk Bank

Human Milk Banking Association of North America website – HMBANA