Our Social Groups

We have a number of private, social media groups to gather and connect right where you are, to ask questions and to plan our in-person gatherings at The M0M Center.  Feel welcome to join any of them.  These were originally created in accordance to a schedule but are now more accomodating to our ongoing and changing needs individually and collectively.  Click between the brackets { } for links:

{Here are all of our local and national events held in one place}

{Here is our facebook page} (notice the zero in the center of M0M).

Our Social Groups:


{Maidenhood} – a place to ask all things maidenhood and puberty.

{Birth Support} – a place for pregnant moms to get to know our doulas, ask questions, plan private or group childbirth education and consider including a doula in your upcoming birth experience.

{Maternity Mentorship} – a place for pregnant moms to navigate the difficult peripheral aspects of maternity (logistics, finances, housing, parenting options, etc.).  To access this group, please call Heidi Faith.

{Valiant} – a social group to talk about the survivorship of womanhood.  Survivorship includes but is not limited to: child sexual abuse, rape, divorce, abortion.  To access this group, please call Heidi Faith.

{Milk & Cookies} – formerly Second Saturdays, a group regarding all things postpartum and lactation.

{Young Matriarchs} – the 40&50-somethings ladies -a place to ask questions pertaining to all things transitioning upwards toward becoming the eldest generation woman.

{Mothering Our Mourning} – a local social group pertaining to bereavement.


For Our Volunteers & Doulas

{The M0M Center volunteer team}

{The M0M Center seamstress team}

{The M0M Center doulas and doulas in training}

{stillbirthday support circle} – an international grief support group (The M0M Center is stillbirthday headquarters)

We previously offered (and can again) monthly, two-hour, open sessions on these subjects.

Please message Heidi Faith any time there is a delay to enter any group, or call at 816.343.4615.