Your Improvised Doula

Sometimes, you have a strong relationship with a dear and trusted friend, and they are willing, delighted perhaps, to stand-in to be your doula, but, they haven’t been trained.

Your friend can feel stuck, between an all-or-nothing, of a thorough doula certification versus only scanning the internet for a couple of nice ideas, and maybe getting one or two items that can fit into their budget.

Instead, bring your friend into The M0M Center.

We’ll spend some time working 0ne-on-one, guiding your friend how to support you as a doula.  We’ll dry-run labor, go through safety information, build a plan together and equip you both for building a solid experience in the labor room.

And though your friend is in the labor room with you, we’re standing by to offer support.
That makes you supported on every side.

Just call or email and we’ll get the conversation going.