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The M0M Center is staffed entirely by autonomous professionals who simply network together voluntarily under the guidance of our Principles of Service, and none are employees of the center.  

Our needs are great.  Please view our needs list and consider joining our team in some capacity.

You can get to know any of our team, and the incredible services they provide.


Volunteer M0M Center Ambassadors


Certified Doulas

Certified through stillbirthday, our doulas are available to serve during birth in any trimester and work throughout the greater Kansas City area.


Laura E. Odell offers massage at The M0M Center!

Birth Educators for Parents

Our birthing classes invite you to explore integrating personalized options into any birth method and to weave your own birth plan, filled with options and resources.

  • Heidi Faith


Continuing Education | Professional Healthcare

Our hands-on workshops provide exposure to teaching materials and content that substantially improve models of care.

  • Heidi Faith




Seamstress Team


M0M Coaching

An integrated approach to both life and bereavement coaching.  A great segway into networking referrals as appropriate.  Click here to learn more.

  • Heidi Faith


Belly Painting

  • Donna Joy


Other Various Offerings


Other local resources we love


Those Who Support Us

We consider those who serve us, to be part of our team as well.


Newest members to join our team!

  • Lauren Myers, SBD Doula
  • Vicki, crochet
  • Konnie Crispin, seamstress
  • Madge Johnson, Seamstress





Patrisha Gillette, SBD

SBD Doula, Photographer

Megan McFarland, SBD

M0M Group Lead, SBD Lead

Dana Foster, SBD

Seamstress Team Lead, SBD Doula

Stephanie Luce, SBD

SBD Doula














Rainbow Teether Photography Credit:


Rainbow teether graphic by Canary Lane Photography and SBD doula student Victoria.  The rainbow teether “Hope” represents a sibling group of triplets whom the lovely mother collectively named “Hope.”  Our custom rainbow teether can be engraved with the name of a baby born not alive, to be worn by the mother as a necklace as she nurses her subsequent, living, “rainbow” baby.  The necklace therefore helps to weave the motherhood journey together in an honoring way, connecting our children together.

Here is an absolutely precious video she so lovingly wove together of a courageous family she served.








If you’ll like to volunteer for The M0M Center, please simply use the contact form and we’ll be connected super soon!

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