Cloth Diaper Closet

The M0M Center, through our {Love Cupboard} giving program, has become a chapter of The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet.

The Rebecca Foundation is a national program and advocacy organization taking action to end diaper need in the United States.




We provide clean reusable cloth diapers to those families who cannot afford the continued cost of disposable diapers or the initial start up cost associated with switching full time to cloth diapers. We ease the expense by loaning diapers for a period of 1 year allowing families to save a significant amount of personal funds monthly. When families have been able to purchase their own supply of cloth diapers they are able to return their loan so another family may benefit.

If you are in need, you can designate your application according to: foster parenting, military, special needs or national.

If you want to give, you can designate an in-kind donation through The Rebecca Foundation.

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Terms & Conditions of Diaper Loans

(from The Rebecca Foundation) We are a National non-profit cloth diaper lending bank helping economically disadvantaged families across the USA and Military families stationed overseas. We will loan cloth diapers to parents or guardians who are responsible for the diaper’s care, including proper washing and returning them back to the foundation.

There is no cost to be on our loan program. We do not charge a shipping fee to families in order to receive loaned diapers from our programs. We feel that charging a fee to any family that is struggling financially defeats the purpose of our organization. However, families on the loan program are welcome to make a donation, if they are able, to help cover the cost of shipping to them and returning the diapers to the foundation.

It may several weeks to process an application once submitted. We will do our best to email updated information on an application during the approval process. If a significant time has passed with no communication from the foundation, please feel free to email us to check the status of your application. Please note that we are a volunteer run organization and we do our best to get to every application as quickly as possible.

The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet is a lending bank that will provide 8-15 cloth diaper changes (depending on child’s age) for up to one (1) year with the possibility of extension for more time.

Cloth diapers loaned may be in new, used or repaired condition. Package contents will vary depending on availability. We can and will only customize packages based on washing facilities. Upon submitting an application for assistance you are agreeing to return the loaned diapers to the foundation at the appropriate time or when assistance is no longer needed, and that you will not sell, damage or alter the loaned diapers.

We do our best to provide the quality diapers either in new, used and/or repaired condition that will properly
fit to your child(ren). If you receive your diapers and they do not fit please contact us immediately as we would be happy to find a solution or when possible exchange them, however we may ask for a donation to help cover the shipping cost. We do not exchange for cosmetic reasons, such as color, print or wanting a specific type of diaper.

If you lose, ruin or alter a loaned diaper while in your care you will be responsible to either make a donation directly to TRFCDC so that we may replace the diaper or contact us to make other arrangements. We understand that situations happen and will work with each family.

As part of the loan program we require families to do each of the following:

Take a one (1) hour cloth diaper education class*

Volunteer two (2) hours minimum each month ,within the foundation, while on the loan program. *

*Can be done locally at your nearest chapter, within your community or virtually (details provided upon approval to the loan program)

By completing this application you are agreeing that you have read the above information, that you understand that you are responsible for the care, washing and return of the diapers within the appropriate time or when you no longer need assistance. You are also agreeing to not sell, damage or alter the loaned diapers.

Please be truthful when completing this application. Falsifying any information or intentionally leaving out information for your benefit may be considered fraudulent. Selling any loaned diapers or accessories provided to you from The Rebecca Foundation will be considered theft. If you do, or if you are found to have committed fraud or selling the loaned diapers or accessories, criminal charges maybe filled. You are responsible for completing the necessary volunteer hours within our foundation and log those hours with given forms, which will be provided upon approval, if more than 30 days have passed without logging volunteer hours you will be removed from the loan program and must return the loaned diapers immediately.

Please note: If you are currently expecting we will only be able to process and/or accept an application for assistance for that child 30 days prior to your due date.

In order for you application to be processed all documentation must be attached. If you are having difficulties providing the documentation please email