Emergency Support

When you have learned that your beloved baby will not be born alive…

We meet with families throughout the greater Kansas City area in any birth space to bring tangible support, appropriate items and emotional care through the birth process, meeting with your beloved baby, preparing for the farewell, and stepping into the lifelong journey of bereavement.

You are not alone.

Please connect with us.

We have scheduled times that The M0M Center is open, but we can be open absolutely any time to bring love when it is needed.


The M0M Center on facebook

Heidi Faith on facebook


Planning a visit to The M0M Center


Some of our tangible support can include:

And some of our other support includes:

  • individual M0M Coaching (private mentoring)
  • group support & events
  • prayer

The easiest first step in connecting with us is to join our facebook page, and then you’ll find the avenue of connection that best suits you in this season.  Know and remember, that you are not alone.