Our Social Groups

We have a number of private, social media groups to gather and connect right where you are, to ask questions and to plan our in-person gatherings at The M0M Center.  Feel welcome to join any of them.  These were originally created in accordance to a schedule but are now more accomodating to our ongoing and changing needs individually and collectively.  In the event that relevant information isn’t passed between groups, please, also continue to visit our facebook page for all of our local and national events held in one place.

{Here are all of our local and national events held in one place}

{Here is our facebook page} (notice the zero in the center of M0M).


Drop In Support:

When The M0M Center opened its first location in the Kansas City Northland, we scheduled very structured times and themes for our support circles.

We thought it would be too difficult to actually tailor access to support resources to accommodate a more individual and authentic journey for each person we serve.

What we found instead, is that simply being accessible, when you need it, is best.  If you are having a wonderfully joyful day, it might not feel relevant to engage in a grief activity.  But if you’re having a day that seems impossible, that might be the day you need access to relevant support.

So just get connected.  Start somewhere.  We even have longterm M0M Coaching to help tailor a more longterm, customized, personal journey for you.  You are not alone.


Our Social Groups:


{Maidenhood} – a place to ask all things maidenhood and puberty.

{Birth Support} – a place for pregnant moms to get to know our doulas, ask questions, plan private or group childbirth education and consider including a doula in your upcoming birth experience.

{Maternity Mentorship} – a [case management] place for pregnant moms to navigate the difficult peripheral aspects of maternity (logistics, finances, housing, parenting options, etc.).  This can be a support for the tangible aspects of being a dual-roled parent (sometimes referred to as a single parent).

{Valiant} – a social group to talk about the survivorship of motherhood and womanhood.  Survivorship includes but is not limited to: child sexual abuse, rape, divorce, elective abortion, teen pregnancy and teen pregnancy and infant loss.  A group, rather than individual,  M0M Coaching style format.  This group is inaccessible unless you connect first with Heidi Faith or Ashley Boren.

{Milk & Cookies} – formerly Second Saturdays, a group regarding all things postpartum and lactation.

{Young Matriarchs} – the 40&50-somethings ladies -a place to ask questions pertaining to all things transitioning upwards toward becoming the eldest generation woman.

{Mothering Our Mourning} – a local social group pertaining to bereavement.  You can join this and our global social group pertaining to bereavement.


For Our Volunteers & Doulas

{The M0M Center volunteer team}

{The M0M Center seamstress team}

{The M0M Center doulas and doulas in training}

{stillbirthday support circle} – an international grief support group (The M0M Center is stillbirthday headquarters)

We previously offered (and can again) monthly, two-hour, open sessions on these subjects.

Please message Heidi Faith any time there is a delay to enter any group, or call at 816.343.4615.