Tour Tuesdays


We are open every Tuesday from 10am – noon.


Stop in on a Tuesday morning, share what’s on your mind, and unwind and feel inspired.  Afterward, you may choose to enjoy a wonderful massage by the incredible Laura O’Dell!

We are open every Tuesday morning for tours, but we also like to keep conversation to themes so that we can create a calendar that our visitors can rely on.  If what’s on your heart doesn’t match the theme week, though, don’t let that stop you from dropping by.  We want you to feel invited and supported.  That’s why we call it Tour Tuesdays, because it’s like an open house and you’re welcome to just informally stop in.

We do have a small children’s play room, however, we do not offer childcare.  We also have a men’s room for dads who will like to visit, and we schedule events of all sizes and date nights too.

If you’re a regular visitor at any of our Tour Tuesdays,  you’re invited to stay connected in an even more ongoing way, by {visiting our social groups}.


Please join {our private group } for the best updated information on these, including any changed times.

Please visit our calendar for our other events!